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The total investment of 1.2 billion RMB in the project of the negative materials of the lithium batt

Reading Volume:    Date:2021-07-07

  The total investment of the project is 1.2 billion RMB, covering an area of 317 mu. It is important to build a 50000-ton graphite chemical industry base among 100000 tons of lithium-ion battery anode materials. Up to now, the main parts of the processing workshop and warehouse have been completed, and they are in the stage of color plate installation in the processing workshop and purlin installation on the warehouse wall; The office building, comprehensive maintenance building, dormitory building, and canteen have been capped and entered the masonry and secondary structure construction stage. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue of the whole project will be 3.8 billion RMB, and the annual tax payment will be 200 million RMB.

  The anode material of lithium-ion batteries, the main product of the project, is a key component of lithium-ion batteries, and its product quality has a decisive impact on the performance of the lithium-ion batteries. As new green energy, lithium-ion battery, with its unique performance advantages, has been widely used in portable electronic devices (such as laptops, cameras, mobile communications) and electric bicycles, Large capacity lithium-ion batteries have also been used in electric vehicles, and are expected to become one of the important power sources of electric vehicles in the 21st century.

  Shanshan technology is a large-scale domestic lithium-ion battery anode material processing company with independent intellectual property rights. Its processed lithium-ion battery anode materials have similar quality with foreign similar products, some indicators are better than foreign products, and has a solid sales market.

  The goal of the lithium battery industry is to develop batteries with stronger function, larger capacity, longer service life, shorter charging time, and lighter weight. Lithium-ion batteries are usually composed of a negative electrode (anode), a positive electrode (cathode), and a separator. Lithium compounds used in lithium batteries have specific particle size distribution requirements. The use of ultra-fine lithium powder can improve battery performance, including higher available capacity, longer service life, faster-charging rate, higher efficiency, consistent discharge rate, and reduced size and weight.

  In addition to the mechanical and thermal resistance of the separator, the key factors affecting the quality and safety of the battery include chemical composition, shape and particle size distribution of the active material, and homogeneity. Through continuous research and development, ALPA has a complete set of lithium battery anode and cathode material treatment scheme and equipment, which can meet the complex process requirements, including dust-free feeding, magnetic separation, ultra-fine grinding, grading, powder conveying, metering and packaging, automatic batching, intelligent control and other powder process integrated design.

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