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Spherical aluminum powder inert gas protection special airflow classifier characteristics

Reading Volume:    Date:2021-09-15

  Shandong ALPA custom production gas flow is widely used in chemical, abrasive, ceramics, environmental protection, new materials, new energy, non-metallic mines, pharmaceuticals, powder metallurgy, battery materials, etc., high purity and high hardness dry materials Ultrafine pulverized grading segmentation.

  Spherical aluminum powder inert gas protection special airflow classifier

  has a fully closed circuit design, nitrogen protection low temperature operation, high grading accuracy, uniform particle size distribution, and high yield. It can be widely used in tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, superhard material crushing and grading mass production.

  The characteristics of the device:

  1, the machining process is fully negative pressure operation, the site is free of dust contamination, ensuring the clean and drying of the environment.

  2, tungsten carbine can reach precise control grading, and 1-30 microns are arbitrarily adjustable.

  3, the crushing grading precision of the hard alloy superhard material is arbitrarily adjustable between D97 = 3-74 microns.

  4, the amount of processing is large, the purity is high, and the low temperature operation is operated.

  5, spherical aluminum powder inert gas protection special airflow classifier, full system adopts nitrogen protection and closed operation, full oxygen content tester monitoring, effectively preventing oxidation of materials.

  6, with bag dust removal, appendedly anti-blow, offline cleaning, 95% collection rate, effectively reduce the loss of raw materials.

  In terms of quality inspection, ALPA powder technology is particularly stricter. It is well known that a manufacturing process of a ultrafine powder is often up to hundreds. As a special equipment, the airflow pulverizer is like a special process, and it is possible to make a big disaster. Therefore, ALPA powder technology has established seven process stop points in the production process, which is strictly controlled by different engineers, and each other is independent and mutual supervision, and it is timely discovery and solve the problem. Any detail is unqualified, it is unable to enter the proceeding process, which is the quality monitoring of AlPa powder technology to the production process.

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