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How to solve the deficiencies of airflow classifiers in precision and energy consumption

Reading Volume:    Date:2021-09-17

Graphite negative electrode material (graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) Crusher special equipment, Shandong AlPa powder technology mainly consists of MQW airflow, FW airflow classification and CSM mechanical impact grinding series, targeting spherical graphite and artificial graphite characteristics Different, special pulverization grading equipment for custom manufacturing production. Products have: full-negative pressure design, high pulverization grading precision, particle size shaping, low energy consumption, small wear. It can be widely used in graphite (natural graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) crushing and grading mass production.

The pulverizer selected by the production process requires that the particle size distribution of products produced is within a certain range, and in fact, the particle size distribution of the product produced by the pulverizer is more widely used in the required particle size, most of which is difficult to meet the requirements. Therefore, in the pulverization process, the grading is one of the important links to improve ultrafine pulverization efficiency and production of fine powder products that meet the fineness and its level. The so-called classification is based on the requirements of the production process, and the pulverized product is selected according to a certain particle size or different types of particles. There are two ways to classify: sieve sieves and in fluids. Sieve screening represents the main screens such as linear sieves, circular screen sieves. Airflow screening represents the product has a gravity classification machine, a coefficient of grade machine, centrifugal grading machine (also known as a centrifugal powder selection machine), cyclone classification machine, O-SEPA classifier, injection scroll classifier, forced eddy current Grading machine. The airflow classifier is mainly composed of secondary wind, three wind and impeller, transmission system. When the production line works, the material is entered by the hierarchy of the grading machine under the action of the introduction of the air. The air solid two-phase flow is sufficiently dispersed under the action of the inadequate air and the material of the hierarchy. When the air solid two-phase flow rises to the hierarchical region, each individual particles are subjected to the centrifugal force generated by the graded wheel rotation, and is also subject to the center of gravity. When the centrifugal force of the particles is greater than the heart force, the coarse particles above the fractionated diameter are smashed into the inner wall of the cylinder, and the inner wall of the tube is left to the secondary wind. Air is in the air of the air in the air, and the secondary venting in the cone is uniformly distributed into the tuning zone, and the thick mixed powder is placed on the wind sieve. Thus, the fine particles mixed into the coarse are separated, reflowed to the classified area, and the crude particles are discharged from the unloading device. Fine particles required to granularize enter the cyclone collector with the airflow, and the pulse dust collector is collected.Next, the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the air blower exhaust port

How to solve the airflow classifier in terms of accuracy and energy consumption Defect: First, increase the secondary body of the coarse powder exit. This solves the waste of particles that are not separated in the traditional grading method. After the grading, it is necessary to be aligned with the secondary air supply device, so that the coarse powder is effectively discharged. Secondly, we just talked about the exit of the coarse powder, in fact, in the outlet export, it is necessary to conduct secondary ventilation. Such actions are to put a force to the fine powder, so that the fine powder is discharged smoothly. This also allows the airflow classifier to save unnecessary energy waste. Third, the import of the secondary body is also energy-saving in the import of raw materials. But this method is advantageous. Still useful to use it carefully according to the actual situation.
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