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The technical level of airflow pulverizer is constantly improving, and the industry prospect is cons

Reading Volume:    Date:2021-09-18

  Airflow grinding temperature without medium smashing: low melting point, thermal sensitivity, fibrous, polymer polymer powder; flammable, explosive, easy oxidized material for ultrafine processing Moques hardness; inert gas Realize the closed circuit cycle, the inert gas circulation is used.The biggest advantage of airflow pulverizer is that the crushing effect is good, but also has been applied in many fields, but at the same time, the gas flow powder machine also has weak cost, energy consumption, easy to wear, in recent years, in recent years The continuous improvement of the technical level, the airflow mill manufacturers are also constantly developing innovation, equipment update, product quality, performance, etc.,

  Airflow pulverizer market application prospects are widely optimistic.

  At present, the main goal of the development of the comminution industry is to improve the production, and the application range can be expanded, such as the development of materials that can be smashed with fibrotic, hardness, high toughness, viscosity and elasticity. The low temperature pulverizer, the pulverizer with the gas atmosphere is also the focus of many manufacturers in foreign countries. In general, the airflow pulverization can be pulverized fine, and the particle size distribution range is narrower than normal mechanical ultrafine pulverization. Also because the gas expands to cool down at the nozzle, the pulverization process does not accompany heat, so the pulverization is low. This feature is particularly important for the ultrafine pulverization of low melting points and thermal materials.

  The gas flow crusher applied in my country mainly has several types: flat airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed to spray airflow pulverizer, circulating tube gas flow pulverizer, spray airflow pulverizer, target Airflow pulverizer. These types of airflow pulverities are also widely used in a flat airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed, a fluidized airflow pulverizer, and circulating tube gas flow pulverizer.

  However, when the airflow is pulverized in a high-strength material, there is a problem that the energy consumption and serious wear is serious. The international communkets have mainly developed Japan and Germany, only hundreds of crusher in Japan. The annual output is more amazing, the product package capacity is large, widely applied, and the technical advantage cannot be combined. The research and development production of airflow pulverizer has been leading, which has caused huge pressure on domestic companies.

  In recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic industrial manufacturing levels,

  fluidized bed airflow pulverizer and other equipment production techniques have improved significant progressIt is basically the leading market leading, and the industry development prospect is optimistic.

  Shandong AlPa Powder Technology has always believed that the basis of global brands is the improvement of product and service quality, and behind the quality of the market is a fear of market. Under the line, from a single channel to multi-dimensional propagation, from China to overseas, Shandong AlPa powder technology has always been combined with dealers, the user's demand is centered, and the quality improvement is based on the construction of globalization. The powder equipment brand is a vision, continuously striding forward, and has achieved a new breakthrough, and a strong "Chinese voice" in the industrial powder equipment field.

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