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Created with ingenuity, ALPA adheres to details to show the beauty of industry

Reading Volume:    Date:2021-06-19

Created with ingenuity, ALPA adheres to details to show the beauty of industry

  All along, Shandong ALPA Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is determined to build a well-known brand of domestic high-quality powder equipment and provide professional and ultimate technical support and services for powder technology industry at home and abroad. After more than 20 years of industry accumulation, ALPA has developed into a leader in the domestic powder equipment manufacturing industry. Its products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, serving more than 3000 customers at home and abroad, and are widely praised by many enterprises in the world.

ALPA Laboratory

  ALPA's ingenuity in manufacturing is reflected in the precise pursuit of every inspection and every process of powder equipment. From drawing design, raw material procurement to finished product warehousing and issuing quality inspection report, ALPA refines every work link, strictly controls the equipment manufacturing process, introduces modern technology into it, and adopts the most advanced inspection and processing equipment, Realize the mechanization, informatization and intellectualization of the equipment production line, ensure that every process and every product can accept the test of quality inspection, and reduce the product quality problems caused by human factors as far as possible.

  In addition, ALPA implements the Six Sigma quality management system, continuously improves the process control management ability through advanced data statistical analysis, and uses quantitative method to analyze the factors affecting the quality in the process, so as to find out the most critical factors for improvement. At the same time, the most advanced ERP system is used to standardize the management of the factory, realize the synchronous monitoring of the whole manufacturing process, and effectively improve the production efficiency. The warehouse bar code management system and the supply chain management system are implemented to realize the unified management of the factory and the warehouse, and to realize the quality monitoring and accident tracking of the whole life cycle of the products and the parts supplied by the suppliers.

  In addition to strict control of process equipment and quality management, ALPA is more meticulous in pre-sales and after-sales service. ALPA has a test workshop, which can analyze the finished products after crushing tests according to the customer's demand, and assist the customer to select the appropriate process and equipment. After the test, the service engineer will adjust the equipment configuration according to the test data and material characteristics, so as to provide customers with scientific and reasonable equipment scheme. After the equipment is sold, ALPA will provide installation guidance service for customers. Service engineers will go to the site to guide the installation and provide system training for customer operators. During the practical operation of technical personnel, the training instructor will continue to follow up the operation project to ensure the orderly development of the project and the stable and efficient operation of the production line.

  This is an era of innovation. ALPA always adheres to the business philosophy of customer orientation, service as the core and quality as the life. It adheres to the service standards of tangibility, time limitation, standardization and value-added. It adheres to the promise of all staff, whole process and all-weather S530 service. It adheres to the spirit of craftsman, and strives to create the excellent quality of powder equipment and create a high-quality domestic brand.

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